Spot unauthorized devices

The network discovery function of Atera creates a constantly updated inventory of all equipment attached to the network. Naturally, you will want to bill for all of the devices that your MSP has to manage. However, the network discovery tool is also a great way to spot unauthorized or out-of-scope devices attached to the client’s network.

Constant network scans spot any unauthorized devices connecting to the network, enabling system managers to lock out those devices quickly. What action that should be taken on discovery of these extra devices is a matter of policy, but it will probably trigger an immediate notification to the client because they are going to need to be informed that there will be extra line items on the bill at the end of the month. This notice should be attended to immediately by the IT Professional at the client’s site. An exchange over the presence of this new device will involve the decision on whether the piece of equipment was expected to be connected to the network.

Although the Atera remote monitoring and management tool isn’t able to physically unplug rogue devices, it is able to highlight the presence of such equipment for the client to deal with themselves. Logs of activities and information about the duration of the connection will also be needed by the client in the4 event of a legal case.