Aforable RDP and VDI Remote Desktop Services

Do not get tricked into expensive RDP or VDI services; why would you want to pay double the resources. This is the biggest trick cloud services providers are taking advantage of you. Most of the time all you need is an RDP Gateway, and we can get a really economical one for you.

And this is how they do it; they offer you a Remote Desktop service or VDI “PER USER”, “PER DESKTOP” or “PER APP” in the cloud that sounds something like this:

Normal SMB Network
This is how a typical Network looks like.

When you call a Service Provider the solution they propose typically will look like the following diagram:

Normal remote desktop services for big business
Users log into a complete new environment.

You can see where they have built a brand-new resource pool when you already have bought your own PC’s; we are not saying that it will not work, but all you want to do is have your employees work remotely into their current PC’s that you have already bought. So, the easiest way to do this is to create a remote desktop service gateway from Microsoft with a simple plan that starts from $50.00 Dollars a Month for every 10 connections, And it looks like this:

The best way to achive remote desktop services

We also have plans that start at $55.99 dollars per Desktop with Remote Desktop Services and an MSP Service contract that provides you all the services your business would need like Backup, Antivirus, Updates, and more.

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