VMWare Support in San Diego.

In San Diego tech we offer tech support for the small and medium size business, we understand the need of doing more with less, and VMWare is the solution to achieve this.

We are experts in VMWare technology and we can deploy small ESXi environments in a single box or a full fiber channel V Sphere 4 solution; and we wont brake your wallet to do so, you can get a block of hours for VMWare tech support and we will support questions for your environment like best practices, update services and general knowledge.

And just like we state in our web site, there is a misconception that VMWare is only for the big enterprise, and the truth is far from it, VMware has a free hypervisor just like Microsoft free Hypervisor, and it is as powerful as the full paid version and it works great with NFS systems that can be worth no more than $300 dollars, combined with a entry level Server that holds dual processors and 16 Gigs of ram, you have yourself a power house.

We will post tricks for VMWare fine tuning in this blog, keep watching.

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