San Diego Tech is a Network and System’s Consultation firm specializing in the Cloud and Data center environments for the 21st Century.

We can assist you in all the day to day operations of your business:

Backup and Disaster Recovery, day to day Network operations, Cabling, Design and Architecture for new offices or Data Centers, Business Software Consultation, Web Marketing analysis and deliverable.

Technology is changing day to day, and there are multiple solutions for a business, whether you need a Cloud or an In-house solution, we are experts in determining what solution is bet for you. We have partnerships and are able to deploy AIM’s and EC’s from Amazon, instances with windows AZZURE or Office 365.

We train our staff with all the new technology so you don’t have to.

Backup and Disaster Recovery analysts and support.

The secret to a successful restoration of data is the monitoring and test runs of your data; we will explain the process in detail:

  • Identify the systems that are critical to your organization. This is the most important aspect of the backup process, this part will lead us to recommend the correct Backup hardware for your organization; from an online solution to libraries.
  • Identify the programs, software requirements and backup procedures from the vendor, example: MAS90 require the backup of the entire directory of MAS90.
  • Investigate the full amount of data to be backed up.
  • Determine what technology will be the first tier of backup, we recommend a NAS box, and if the budget is tight, we can do this virtually at no cost to the customer, all that is needed is a good working box to install vmware ESXi and then a virtual NAS.
  • Determine if a 2nd tier or 3rd tier backup is required, for example an off site tape or drive system like GoVault.
  • We recommend dedicating a server to do backups, and Symantec Backup Exec for the small to medium size business, even if virtual networks are present in the environment.
  • Design a good schedule, and decide to do Differential or Incremental backups depending on the type and volume of the data.
  • Install latest version of Backup exec or VMWare Backup and deploy the clients.
  • Create the templates, selection lists and schedules.
  • Test run and determine the time spent.
  • Correct the schedule from your tests.
  • Continually monitor and present reports to customer. You can never be too safe, and you need a system and the right technical staff to support this operation, we guarantee you we are the best in San Diego to protect your data integrity.

Day to day Network Operations:

  • Device and Service Monitoring.
  • San Diego Tech will write an IT Run book that details and outlines all of your IT systems and processes, passwords, network diagram connections so any capable engineer can come in and manage your network (peace of mind for you).
  • We are experts at deploying wireless office networks – (less cables, more portability in office).
  • Deployment of remote access to employee’s desktops and laptops–( improve employee moral and productivity allow Telecommuting).
  • Do more with less – maximize your IT investment for optimum employee productivity as we will deploy all the bells and whistles and consult you on how to use them for maximum productivity.
  • We monitor your systems 7×24 with our remote network management tools. (Remote access decreases our resolution time getting your team back on track fast!)
  • Web based service ticket portal to monitor support and help desk issues.
  • Primary assigned engineers as well as backup engineer-never a lapse in coverage

Microsoft expert engineers.

We can help you with the following Microsoft software for installation and management:

Windows 2010, Windows Storage Server, Sharepoint 2010, Exchange 2010, IIS, SQL 2008, Active directory, Domain Name resolution, Office Word, Excel, Access, Visio, Project Server, ISA Server security, ESET antivirus and Spam FTP Server, .NET.

Network engineers.

We can help you with the following Installations and management.


From Sonicwall NSA to Cisco ASA, we recognize the value and requirements of your business so you get the best recommendations for your money.

Wireless networks:

Security, encryption, Intrusion prevention and Fault tolerance as well as redundant WAN implementations.

Antivirus and antispam:

From ESET and Symantec to Trend Micro we will find what your company needs to never fall victim to malware.

Routers and switches:

Sometimes the most expensive switch is not what your company needs, but we never recommend something that will lack support and peace of mind for you, because in the end we have to fix it for you. *


Cat-5, Cat-6, ladders and racks, we can turn your office closet into a top of the line facility.

Storage area networks:

Put your trust in our IBM Certified SAN Engineers that will make sure your data is secure, don’t waste your time and money with that cheap NAS device you got at the electronics store, you will be surprised how affordable peace of mind is with a top of the line Raid iSCSI storage that works with SATA Drives and is VMWare Certified.

Network File Sharing:

We can deploy a variety of NAS devices.

Network printing:

With devices or servers.

Surveillance systems:



Hosted or dedicated.


Contract management

Hosting: 3rd party hosting company management.

VMWare experts engeneers.

Migration from old versions of ESX and VMWare Server. Full deployments from ESX Server to SAN and Network devices. Need help with your data migration from iscsi to Fiber channel. Backup your virtual infrastructure to your Tapes or NAS.

Business Software CONSULTATION.

We are able to suggest the latest software and support your current ones, making sure they are up to date and suggesting new technology to improve your efficiency.

We are a Microsoft Certified Small business specialists, and we have the knowledge and experience of working with different types of software and we support the following stack: Microsoft: Server (AD, IIS, VPN, FILE Share), ISA,  SBS, Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, Office, Visio, Notes, Project, Dynamics, CRM. Linux: Apache, MySQL, Bind, PHP, SendMail, Procmail, Postfix, CLAM, FTP, OpenOffice. Other: SAGE ACT, MAS90, Intuit Quickbooks, POS, QuoteWorks, IBS, TRACKit, Pitney Bowes.

We know how all the pieces tie together in any environment, from restaurants to Legal services and POS Systems; Let’s say you are a financial firm looking to setup shop here in San Diego, we will help you setup: